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Lots of Berries from Purcells Pond Walk

Purcells Cove Huckle Berries

Around the end of August the Nova Scotia Nature Trust had a conservation celebration for the Captain Arnell Conservation Lands in Purcells Cove. After the celebration some very well educated nature buffs from the Museum of Natural History and the Halifax Field Naturalists took us through the freshly saved land! Berries were everywhere, especially Huckle Berries! I have never had them before, but you know me, I’m a sucker for wild berries. I deviated from the group many time, sucked in with the sweet little gems. No regrets.

Plums on Bauer Street

Bauer Street Plums

Early September launched the discovery of these perfect little purple plums in my neighbourhood! All the parking was taken on North Park, so on Sarah’s first day back in Nova Scotia we whipped around the corner to park on Bauer street. One of Halifax’s cutest little streets. When I hopped out of the car I was shocked to find us parked below a plum tree! Bright chartreuse on the inside, the fruit falls right off the pit. When they are ripe they are soft to the touch and solid dark purple, like an eggplant. These plums shine up so brightly, I cannot wait for next summer to eat more. I must have eaten dozens of these aubergene baubles of joy.


Buddydaye Street Raspberries

Another sunny summer day, walking down through the north end, enjoying the sights… my radar went up when I saw raspberry leaves poking through a tall white fence. I only scored maybe four berries, it was late in their season around here. Holy moly they were tasty though. Better than nothing, that’s for sure!


Ohio Lake Blackberries

A little summer vacation in Ohio, Nova Scotia lead me to these beauties. Many of these beauties. Plump, juicy, decadent blackberries at the side of a lake. Fantastic.

I love Nova Scotia.




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It’s dark out, so my pictures are not what they could be. Forgiveness is what I am asking for here, mere forgiveness.

On Monday I had a lot of time and apples on my hands so I made two crisps. My traditional apples only crisp sported organic kamut topping, maple sweetener,a nudge of fresh ginger, and exotic cinnamon from my upstairs neighbour, Siobhan. The non-traditional crisp starred Nova Scotian cranberries from the lovely vegan Josey, more fresh ginger, more maple syrup, the exotic cinnamon, and oat topping.  I’ll give this one away,cranberries and I were never really good friends.

Ginger-Cran-Apple Crisp

Maple Ginger Cran-Apple Crisp

Tonight comfort food was high on top of my dinner list .I discovered my casserole sized hole in my casserole loving food heart while watching the new Bullet Express infomercial with a few girls in the staffroom at work . Theirs was something lame with cheese all over it, and mine is my friend famous Tu-no Casserole ! Mashed chickpeas take the place of the missing fish, and kelp is added to enhance the flavours of the sea. Everything else is kept as traditional as possible. Nothing fancy here. This is my personal interpretation of my mothers Tuna Casserole that I loved as a child. Mine tastes just as good, if not better to be honest.

Tu-no Casserole

Tu-No Casserole

I really wish that picture of the casserole showed more textured detail… Alas, I’ve now eaten half of it so picture opportunities are kaput.

Oh, she’s coming together !




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Making your own food is great and all, but we are spoiled here in Halifax for vegan delights. How are we supposed to resist all of the local, organic, seasonal, and highly savory meals dangled like golden carrots right before our very eyes and stomachs? I obviously don’t know, giving in is a favourite passtime of mine.

Sweet eats from not-my-street:

Vegan Creme Brulee from Wooden Monkey

Vegan Creme Brulee

Yes, this is how spoiled we are here in Halifax! Tofu based custard of the heavens above, perfectly scorched crisp sugary top, and drizzles of orange, raspberry, and strawberry so you can personalise each bite. Big thanks to The Wooden Monkey!

Roasted Veg Pizza from Morris East

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Morris East never disappoints. On a perfectly crisp, thin wood fired crust (gluten free available) sits a sweet and savoury tomato sauce, sautéed onions, mushrooms, fresh basil, and sliced baby zucchini. The bottle in the back to the left is Morris East’s in house spicy oil. This oil is the ultimate accompaniment to their pizzas.

There are a few more entries for this post but WordPress and I are fighting again. It won’t let me rotate photos.

Until next time!






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This is everything I thought to take a picture of from July until now:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Isa’s NEW CCC recipe was utilised here. The one from her blog on The Post Punk Kitchen. These Chocolate Chip Cookies were made for a random Sunday in Summer Bake Sale on my front stoop.

Stacked Pancakes with Blueberry Strawberry syrup

Stacked Pancakes + Blueberry Strawberry Syrup

Summer breakfast of Champions. My own perfected pancake recipe with an improvised strawberry blueberry glaze. Genius, I know.

4 WIld Local Berry Coconut Crisp

Quadruple Berry Coconut Crisp

My dear friend Sarah landed in Halifax from Virginia, went out on the town, got slammed, came home completely smitten with the evening. We chattered and around 2am I had the brainstorm to make a Quadruple Berry Coconut Crisp with Crisp Crust! Alas, she passed out while I was making it and we ate it for many meals the next few days. Glorious.



Unicorn Pie

No unicorns were harmed in the crafting of this pie, of course! The only treasures buried inside are high-bush and low-bush blueberries. Both berries are of the wild, organic Nova Scotian variety. The crust was made with Earth Balance shortening and Speerville Mills All Purpose Light Spelt flour.

There you have it, folks! My first post.



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