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In 2061 North Park on November 2, 2009 at 8:33 pm

Today I peeled and sliced up apples for a pie and ended up neglecting them for a sudden rush for RICE KRISPIE SQUARES!!!

Yeah, I’ve been sitting on a bag of Dandies from the Chicago Soy Dairy. Whateva, I do what I want.  Finally picked up some crisp rice when I was out and about this week, and I had just enough Earth Balance in the back of my fridge. Hiding, waiting, holding out for the Dandies.

Well, Earth Balance… you have met your new lova:



Proof! I owned them! I am eating them right NOW. Wrapped around strange puffed rice… Hello childhood memories.

RKS in the Pan

Rice Krispie Squares in the Pan

Here they are, fresh and warm, uncut. I know, it’s kinda hot.

Settle down.

Up-close of RKS

Dandies Rice Krispie Square

The real deal. Thar she blows, mateys!

I love the marshmallow chunks found throughout.

I only have noises of satisfaction for you all now.




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